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Vision as a Service


One-on-One Experiences In-Store

Glassworks is your vision specialist in the heart of Tel Aviv.



Dedicated to vision, our space is designed for the most important sense you have.

Eye Health


Above all else, the sustained health of your eyes is our number one priority.



Carefully curated, we bring you eyewear from the world’s best independent makers.



Your lenses are made in our in-house lab, ensuring quality from start to finish.

Space 01

A space dedicated to vision. Escape the Tel Aviv heat and explore our library of curated frames from around the world – cold drink or coffee in hand.

  • Eyewear Gallery
  • Experiential Technology
  • Events and Launches

Eye Health 02

Your eyes are a feat of biological engineering and they need to be taken care of. Our professional optometrists assess your eyes and share their findings in a language you can understand.

  • World-Class Treatment and Equipment
  • Easy-to-Understand Diagnosis
  • Refined Process and Environment

Collection 03

To truly appreciate a frame, you need to understand the maker. From the tales behind each brand to their technology and materials used, we know what makes every pair.

  • Independent Makers
  • Handmade and High-Tech
  • Spectrum of Materials and Styles

Lab 04

From lens selection to fabrication, our in-house laboratory is equipped with all the tools to individually customise your lenses and frames – with a fast turnaround.

  • In-House Lens Lab
  • Bespoke Lenses and Frame Detailing
  • Repairs and Up-cycling

Our Collection Sneak Preview

We bring you eyewear by the best independent makers from around the world.

Dabrach 01

Verbania, IT

Yuichi Toyama 02

Tokyo, JP

SoYa 03

Treviso, IT

lool 04

Barcelona, ES

KameManNen 05

Sabae, JP

Rigards 06

Hong Kong, HK

Portrait 07

Naples, IT

Tavat 08

Caniezza, IT

Edwardson 09

Geneva, CH

Nuiit 10

Torino, IT

Oh My Glasses 11

Tokyo, JP


California, US

Taking inspiration from Tel Aviv’s vibrant architectural heritage, energy and people.

Flagship Store

Our store, nestled on Nahalat Binyamin Street provides respite from the heat and noise. Look for the old stone hues of ancient Jaffa and Hebron, follow your nose (freshly brewed coffee awaits) or just look for the sign.

The White City

Founded in 1901, Tel Aviv is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nicknamed ‘The White City’, Tel Aviv offers one of the worlds largest and finest collections of buildings from the Modernist Movement in Architecture.


Eye Health

Complimentary 4K Eye Scans
Holistic eye-care

Led by our Head Optometrist, Noah, our team of professional optometrists examine your eyes in their entirety. We combine world- class equipment with unequivocal human expertise for an exceptionally thorough eye examination, revealing and relaying the comprehensive inner workings of your eyes in a way that is both understandable and enjoyable.

Your eye health. Past. Present. And future

Your optometrist will discuss your optical history in detail before running several diagnostic tests, checking for refractive errors such as astigmatisms, as well as creating a high-res topography map of the cornea and measuring your intraocular pressure to test for glaucoma. We also check for cataracts, and even assess the communication between both of the eyes with our binocular tests.

Glassworks, Eye Exam
Easy-to-understand diagnosis and comprehensive report

When deciding on the final prescription – should you need one – we work with you to balance our objective findings with your subjective needs, ensuring the lenses you leave with are tailored to your own unique requirements.

High ceilings. Natural light. Wellness for your eyes

Regular eye health exams are important, and we choose to honour the process as such. The full examination, including the space, is designed with your vision and relaxation in mind. Cleanse your hands, face and eyes, and enjoy the experience.